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Arlington Rotary Scholarships

The Arlington Rotary Educational Foundation will accept applications for the 2021/2022 Arlington Rotary Scholarship in the first quarter of 2021.  The deadline for receipt of applications and all supporting documentation is March 31, 2021.   

The scholarship is a total of $10,000, paid out over 8 semesters of college. This scholarship is disbursed independently of the college's financial aid office.  It is designed to help a deserving Arlington High School senior and is awarded based on the following equally weighted criteria:

* Need
* Merit
* Community Service

Graduating seniors from any one of Arlington’s high schools are eligible to apply.  The application form with instructions is available through high school counselors or can be DOWNLOADED HERE.  

Applicants must submit their completed scholarship application form and all supporting documentation to be received by the deadline of March 31st, attached to an email to scholarships@arlingtonrotaryclub.org.

Arlington Rotary American Challenge Stipend

The Foundation also offers the Arlington Rotary American Challenge Stipend in Memory of Audra Rafter.  This award is aimed at fully funding one deserving graduate of the Arlington Community High School (an alternative high school)  to complete two years's study at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), as the availability of qualified candidates and funding makes possible. 

Applicants for the stipend are competitively selected by the staff of Arlington Community High School.


The Foundation’s selection committee will choose the winner and will announce the results publicly at an event in the spring of 2021. The winners will be notified and should plan to attend the award dinner.