Four-Year $10,000 Scholarship

For many years, AREF has provided scholarship assistance to graduates of Arlington high schools. We currently award a $10,000 four-year scholarship, disbursed over eight college semesters, to a graduating Arlington high school senior and resident to attend any accredited college or university to earn a bachelor's degree.
The scholarship awardee is selected based on three equally-rated criteria:
  • academic record
  • community service
  • financial need.
The award is paid in installments of $1,250 per semester over four years towards the student’s tuition and/or educational costs.
Students who plan to earn a B.A. degree by attending Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) for two years, followed by two years at a four year college or university through an NVCC guaranteed admission agreement (GAA) are eligible.

American Challenge Stipends

AREF also awards $8,000 each year for one or more “American Challenge Stipends” in Memory of Audra Rafte. This award is for students graduating from Arlington Community High School (ACHS) who plan to pursue an A.B. degree at Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC).
ACHS is the alternative high school for students with life circumstances that may have interrupted their schooling. They include students who may be English language learners, adult evening students or those  who need flexible schedules to accommodate work or family responsibilities.
Selection is made in consultation with ACHS teachers, school counselors and its administration. Interested ACHS students should contact counselors for more information.

Other Financial Aid Sources

AREF does not reduce a scholarship or stipend if an awardee receives financial aid from other sources. We encourage students to fill out the Federal FAFSA Form and consider applying for Pell Grants if eligible. Pell Grants can be used for discretionary expenses, not just tuition and books.